3/20/24 - inferno

new album - i hate myself and wanna die

Madecipha's new ep "I hate myself and wanna die" inspired by his first favorite band Nirvana is out April 5th, the 30th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide. Loaded with morbid subliminal messages and Nirvana samples. there is a limited edition cover as well.

The album is available for listening in the Listen Section

1/9/24 - inferno

new music video and album

cancer of my soul by madecipha official music video

"No Turning Back Vol 5" is available for listening on this site.

11/9/23 - inferno

new albums coming

Madecipha is dropping two new albums early next year. No Turning Back Vol 5 drops on 1/11/24. Madecipha says this is the last installment of this series which has been dropping every two years for a decade. This has an unreleased song with Myzery, the decade old song about his ex girlfriend Anastasia, remixes and a few never heard before UFO songs along with songs that were once released but pulled for various reasons.

Madecipha is also dropping an ep called "I Hate Myself And Wanna Die". Kurt Cobain wanted to call Nirvana's third lp this title but they named it In Utero instead. Cobain was quoted saying how he was sick of being labeled as a pissy schizofrenik who always wanted to kill himself. Madecipha really felt that and ran with it. The cover is him as a baby being held in 1983 by his Uncle Tony who commited suicide when he was 9 changing his life forever. There are hidden Nirvana samples in the beats produced entirely by Evo and it will drop on 4/5/24 which will be the 30th anniversary of Cobain's death. It will be the 27th release from Madecipha. Cobain was 27 when he died.

Both cds will have an alternate limited edition first pressing cover. Look out for those. They will be given out at random.

8/23/23 - bebop

bad seed madecipha official music video

5/24/23 - bebop

madecipha "abuse your delusion" album release party
friday july 14, 2023 at stella blues ten pm

5/23/23 - bebop

madecipha announces "abuse your delusion"
his 8th and possibly final lp
produced again entirely by evo, the record will most likely drop july 14, 2023

5/23/23 - bebop

cemetery man madecipha official music video

5/9/23 - bebop

madecipha and nada-lez talk about a.i. in hiphop

2/28/23 - bebop

madecipha on unh podcast
ask a punk
thursday march 2 at 6pm
Click Here

1/27/23 - bebop

madecipha announces "abuse your delusion"
his 8th and possibly final lp
produced again entirely by evo, the record will most likely drop july 14, 2023

1/8/23 - bebop

madecipha cuts off his signature dreadlocks after growing for 20 years

watch the video

1/3/23 - bebop

lord have mercy madecipha official music video

12/11/22 - bebop

like heroin madecipha official music video

11/09/22 - bebop

madecipha live in new haven
canned food and clothing drive
nov 23 2022 free admission with donation

11/01/22 - bebop

how can it be? madecipha official music video

11/01/22 - bebop

hot town feat. 5:am official music video

09/21/22 - bebop

new madecipha official music video
ready for action

07/26/22 - bebop

"bartimaeus the beggar" new madecipha music video

06/29/22 - bebop

"ice water in hell" new madecipha music video

02/24/22 - bebop

new madecipha album available for preorder in the spider bite store

no turning back vol. 4

02/20/22 - bebop

the return of ufo!!!

april 1

and madecipha will be giving away
50 limited edition copies of the new
sleeper hold single

12/08/21 - bebop

"not even the king" song breakdown

12/08/21 - bebop

"ice water in hell" live at stella blues 11/20

12/08/21 - bebop

"gladiator school" live at stella blues 11/20

11/08/21 - bebop

"lord have mercy" live in waterbury ct 10/26

11/08/21 - bebop

"evening of the undead" live in waterbury ct 10/26

10/18/21 - bebop

"deadly silence" song breakdown

10/10/21 - bebop

madecipha returns to stella blues in new haven

november 20

10/12/21 - bebop

"the inspiration of magic" song breakdown

10/10/21 - bebop

new righteousness gone album out

order "trinity of shadows" now in
the spider bite records store (click the picture)

09/29/21 - bebop

"caring for a cobra" song breakdown

09/23/21 - bebop

new book out this halloween

preorder "ghost journals" now in
the spider bite records store (click the picture)

09/19/21 - bebop

"evening of the undead" song breakdown

09/09/21 - bebop

"azlin" song breakdown

09/06/21 - bebop

"hot town" song breakdown

08/22/21 - bebop

"spider bites" song breakdown

08/19/21 - bebop

"legends" song breakdown

08/11/21 - bebop

"question mark" song breakdown

08/03/21 - bebop

"cancer of my soul" song breakdown

06/22/21 - bebop

rhyme disease out july 5
click here to listen or download for free

05/29/21 - bebop

madecipha - red sandstone official video

05/18/21 - bebop

new madecipha albums coming later this year

rhyme disease out this summer

no turning back vol 4 january 2022

03/19/21 - bebop

click here for a new review on faygoluvers.net

03/19/21 - bebop

madecipha - the year without a summer
official music video

01/26/21 - bebop

righteousness gone is being revamped

spider bite records member eidolon joins

new album coming summer 2021!

trinity of shadows

listen to the previous righteousness gone releases

"judas christ"
and "church"

11/22/20 - bebop

madecipha - uncrtnty - animated music video

thomas drew is a key player at spider bite records. he has done a bunch of my newer covers.
the new spider logo ouija boards. he does all my ads. my graphics. resizing stickers.
all that shit. plus hes a super cool dude and always puts me in a good mood. his 13 year old son paxton animated me this video for "uncrtnty",
the last song on my new album and he killed it. it runs in the family.check it out.

10/30/20 - bebop

new album from madecipha "appatight phor dissfunkshun"

coming up 11-27-20!

available for preorder now! click here!

or you can click HERE and just go Listen

09/17/20 - bebop

madecipha - mephibosheth the broken

08/14/20 - bebop

madecipha interview july 2020 with mike green

06/28/20 - bebop

"ghost rapper" documentary starring madecipha -
winner of the 2018 telly award, the 2019 global trend award,
and the 2020 muse award for best general documentary

06/15/20 - bebop

icp promo video for madecipha

06/15/20 - bebop

Madecipha had former Psychopathic Records artist Myzery
at his studio last weekend to record a track for his next album

06/15/20 - bebop

ghost hunting in the norwich insane asylum
june 15 2020

06/15/20 - bebop

ghost hunting in the green lady cemetery
may 29th 2020

04/18/20 - bebop

coming fall 2020


appatight phor dissfunkshun

03/08/20 - bebop

joe peoples featuring madecipha - fear me god - official music video

02/11/20 - bebop

available now in the spider bite records store -

phasmophobia: adventures in ghost hunting

click here to enter the store

02/08/20 - bebop

madecipha live at stella blues - ready for action

02/08/20 - bebop

madecipha live at stella blues - i'm changing

01/10/20 - bebop

bara hack 12-28-19

01/09/20 - bebop

madecipha performing at stella blues - january 17 2020

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