12/18/19 - bebop

year end interview with madecipha

11/08/19 - bebop

not even the king, madecipha live at stella blues

11/03/19 - bebop

cemetery in the woods of winchester ct

10/29/19 - bebop

southington rd cemetery

10/29/19 - bebop

remington arms tower building 10/6

10/07/19 - bebop

CD release party 10/25 for new album from madecipha "arguments with god"

album for sale now! click here!

or you can click HERE and just go Listen

09/11/19 - bebop

new album from madecipha "arguments with god"

coming up 09-19-19!

available for preorder now! click here!

or you can click HERE and just go Listen

09/09/19 - bebop

madecipha the ghost rapper interview at abigail's restaurant- simsbury, ct, summer 2017

09/09/19 - bebop

madecipha the ghost rapper evp session @ clinton town hall/opera house

07/30/19 - bebop

17 questions with madecipha - 07-19-19

07/25/19 - bebop

madecipha - baby blue

05/20/19 - bebop

hookmans cemetery 05-18-19

05/05/19 - bebop

cemetery in the woods (3rd trip) 05-04-19

04/19/19 - bebop

new album from madecipha "arguments with god" coming up 09-19-19!

02/05/19 - bebop

the ghost rapper - full documentary - now on youtube

12/23/18 - bebop

new review and interview on faygoluvers.net

12/22/18 - bebop

madecipha the ghost rapper at ct horrorfest 2018

12/02/18 - bebop

madecipha "secrets of the seraphim" - official video

album available now in the spider bite records store - click here!

11/30/18 - bebop

macabre mentality release party 11/29 - madecipha live

album available now in the spider bite records store - click here!

11/30/18 - bebop

madecipha "ice water in hell" live 11/29 macabre mentality release party

album available now in the spider bite records store - click here!

11/23/18 - bebop

new album from madecipha "macabre mentality" available for preorder - click here to listen!

11/06/18 - bebop

new album from madecipha "macabre mentality" available for preorder - click here to listen!

09/30/18 - bebop

madecipha returns to perform live in new haven and release his latest album: macabre mentality

08/20/18 - bebop

08/09/18 - bebop

madecipha/ghost rapper won a 2018 telly award for best general documentary !

04/17/18 - bebop

coming late november: macabre mentality

3/07/18 - bebop

review of madecipha's "no turning back volume 3" on faygoluvers - click here!

02/18/18 - bebop

now available as an ebook

click here to order now!

01/08/18 - bebop

update 02/09/18: madecipha's "no turning back vol. 3"

click the "listen" tab on the left to hear it now or
click here
to order it from the spider bite records store

free spider bite records condom with purchase
limited edition tho, so order now

10/25/17 - bebop

ghost rapper - premieres oct 31 on intrigue tv

click here to visit ghostrapper.com, the official site of the ghost rapper tv show

ghost rapper promo logos - coming soon to roku and apple tv

10/16/17 - bebop

madecipha's entry to tech n9ne's "ptsd" contest

10/16/17 - bebop

in the tunnels with madecipha

10/08/17 - bebop

teaser/trailer for ghost rapper starring madecipha

9/07/17 - bebop

review of madecipha's "infectious tenebrosity" on faygoluvers

click here to read it

7/26/17 - bebop

madecipha on uproxx! click here to read

and check out these new limited edition ouija boards

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6/20/17 - bebop

new album from madecipha
available for purchase in the store

5/25/17 - bebop

faugoluvers review of Phasmophobia

4/27/17 - bebop

4/7/17 - bebop

3/15/17 - bebop

2/5/17 - bebop

a live no more - official video

12/27/16 - bebop

madecipha 2016 year end review

10/17/16 - bebop

faugoluvers review of ufo - meet your makers

09/14/16 - bebop

interview with madecipha september 2016

09/07/16 - bebop

u.f.o will be opening for i.c.p
hit us up for $25 tickets
october 1 in poughkeepsie, ny at the chance

08/26/16 - bebop

u.f.o. live at gathering of the juggalos

08/15/16 - bebop

faygoluvers interview with madecipha
faygoluvers review of arapnophobia

08/03/16 - bebop

welcome home - official video

07/22/16 - bebop

arapnophobia availble now!

click here to buy the album from spiderbiterecords.com

07/15/16 - bebop

unlimited future objectives ft diabolic - the stand

madecipha cameos as jesus in
5:am - straight out the bible

06/10/15 - dr. west

03/07/15 - Dr. West

Sometime before yesterday.

03/07/15 - Dr. West

Madecipha's next show, featuring the new project UFO with Freeze, is going to be with Pacewon. Check it out.

02/05/15 - Dr. West

Church is out now. Check it out on the music page and then go buy it from spiderbiterecords.com!

01/26/15 -

We've got the CD release of "Church" from Righteousness Gone coming up less than a month away, on Valentine's Day. Bring a date!

To see another super fresh flyer, go check out spiderbiterecords.com.

There's also an exclusive new t-shirt in the apparel section! Did I mention it's free? You only have to pay for shipping, or you can pick it up at any upcoming event!

12/14/14 -

Got that new Madecipha, Anonymous, and Anthro joint up! It's called "Gladiator School," and was off of "Cut Your Losses." Cuts by DJ N.E.B, shot by Shane McClellan! Get on this!

11/11/14 -

Two new videos, documenting a ghost hunt with Madecipha, on Halloween 2013. It's in the "Other Videos" section, under "Videos." Definitely worth checking out!

11/02/14 -

We got a new video up from Righteousness Gone! It's called "Ghostwatchers," and it features Jus Allah from Jedi Mind Tricks and Rypa the Transparent Exorcist! Here it is:

Also, ANOTHER book will be coming from Madecipha in the near future. It's called "Phasmophobia: Adventures In Ghost Hunting," and is EXACTLY what it sounds like. It's being edited right now, and should be out by Christmas.

Check out the cover!

10/16/14 -

An article on Madecipha on ILOVENEWHAVEN.ORG? You bet. Check it out here!

10/02/14 -

Updates city! We got a lot of new stuff in at the store.. lighters, decals, and Madecipha's book, mentioned in the last post! I think everyone reading this should head over there and buy stuff. That's probably not the most subtle thing I've ever said, but it's true. We've got hoodies coming, too! These joints are fresh as fuck! Give it another ten days or so, and they should be here..definitely prior to Halloween!

09/08/14 -

Lots of new stuff happening! Go look at the new Spider Bite Records website that we just finished creating! That was a whole metric arse tonne of work.
Also, the Zombies Ate My Rhyme Book EP is up on here, for sale in the Store(click on the link here, or at the new Spider Bite site!).
In other news, Madecipha's book "TAPHOPHILIA" is soon to drop. It was a pretty strenuous project for him to create, as some stones needed to be dug up, and it wasn't always easy to get the epitaphs. This is a piece of CT, New England, and U.S. history, that took over four years to compile. Grab it when it's out, sometime before 09/26. Stop by for more updates!

Here's a picture of the cover:

Fresh to DEATH.

08/20/14 -

Announcements! We got a show coming up for my birthday. It's happening on 9/26, the day prior to, at Anna Liffey's in New Haven. Madecipha is dropping his Zombies Ate My Rhyme Book EP, which we announced a while back. If you don't remember, it's all beats from Live Evil, sampled from the classic SNES hit, "Zombies Ate My Neighbors." We'll be uploading the full album at some point soon for you guys to hear.

Here's the flyer for the event! Peace to the homie Dodgy Sorts for the sweet graphics.

An album is also coming out, with Madecipha and Mr. Freeze, under the group name U.F.O., or UNLIMITED FUTURE OBJECTIVES. They've been close since '03, after meeting at a show, and this album is a long time coming! It'll be called "Meet Your Makers." No release date yet, but we thought we'd give you guys the heads up.

Here's a preview of the art for it:

Last, but not least, it's time for another video! This is from the up and coming Righteousness Gone album, directed by Shane McLellan. Definitely a different feel than a lot of the other videos. Hope you dig it!

08/10/14 -

New webstore and website coming soon, for Spider Bite Records,with a few new items that we'd like to give you a preview of.

Pink pins for the ladies(and dudes that are mad comfortable with their sexuality)!

Brand new, super epically badass Righteousness Gone shirt:

Also, if you didn't catch the front screen(I can't imagine why you wouldn't, but hey!), Madeipha is putting out a new CD entitled "Zombies Ate My Rhyme Book." Live Evil is on all the beats, with samples from the SNES classic "Zombies Ate My Neighbors." Sotorios of Political Animals provided some great graphic design work on the cover for it, featured on the front page. It will be released 9/26/2014, with a release party! More info on that coming soon.

06/07/14 -

New video from Righteousness Gone - "Saucers In the Sky"

Also check out the sneak peak of a new song from Righteousness Gone - "Still Here" - Off of the new album coming this fall, "Church."

06/07/14 -

New show with Freeze and others, July 12th, at the Franco American Club in Waterbury!

05/18/14 -

So we're announcing a new album here! No release date in sight, but we do have a sneak preview track, and a look at the cover.

Also, check out this new behind the scenes interview, as well as the new videos page. Lots more new content to come.

03/30/14 -

We have a limited run of a seriously dope shirts, made just for Easter Sunday Slaughter! This will be available at the show, and ONLY at the show.

03/30/14 -

Easter Sunday Slaughter 2014 is coming up! Different venue, same dope show. This is something we do yearly at Spiderbite Records. It's on 4/20 this year. You'd have to be crazy to miss this show.

03/08/14 -

A lot of important stuff is going on here at Madecipha.com. For one, the new track with Canibus "Misery Will Howl" is up, replacing track 10 on the Completely Disrespectful album. Also, the shows have been updated again. Check out this flyer for next week's event!

02/17/14 - Doc Jones

Shows pages updated! New videos section to be added soon, as well. Keep an eye out for all the great stuff happening here at Madecipha.com and Spider Bite Records.

02/08/14 -

Just in time for the CD release party tonight, at Anna Liffey's in New Haven, "Cut Your Losses" is available for streaming in the "Listen" section.

02/05/14 - Dr. West


12/31/13 - Dr. West


12/23/13 - Dr. West

COMING 01/07/14


11/29/13 - Dr. West


11/29/13 - Dr. West

How to get to Crunch House

11/22/13 - Dr. West

Madecipha - 5:AM ft. Anthropophagus - A Constant Thing

10/26/13 - Dr. West

Growing up Madecipha's favorite video game was Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Johnny Live Pacheco made 8 beats out of the soundtrack and together they made a secret ep. Sotorios Fedeli just finished the cover. Madecipha will press it up with discmakers. Songs are named after stages in the game. Madecipha loves this whole idea and it was a lot of fun.


10/26/13 - Dr. West


10/17/13 - Dr. West


10/13/13 - Dr. West

Coming 2/8/14


09/29/13 - Dr. West


09/12/13 - Dr. West


03/29/13 - Dr. West

This Easter Sunday Righteousness Gone Releases their anticipated debut album "Judas Christ."

The annual Easter Sunday Slaughter is going down @ Stella Blues on Crown St. Downtown New Haven. It's a 21+ show.

The Zombie Last Supper album cover is limited to 200 copies and will be available once they are gone the cover will be changed and it will never be reprinted again so make sure you get one this Sunday or order it off the web store!