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The Burlington CT haunts part 3 The Green Lady Cemetery 1/1/23

The Burlington CT haunts part 2 The Lamson Corner Cemetery 1/1/23

The Burlington CT haunts part 1 The Torrie Prison 1/1/23

Hookman's Cemetery Seymour CT 12/30/22

Hearthstone Castle Danbury CT 12/25/22

CT Valley Hospital Cemetery/Numbers Cemetery 12/23/22

East Haven Jewish Cemetery 8-8-22

Holy Land (Waterbury CT) 7/29/22

Leatherman's Cave 6/18/22

The legend of XYZ 6/12/22

Gunntown Cemetery 6/10/22

Milford Cemetery 6/6/22

6/5/22 Race Hill Road Cemetery

Westport Golf Course Cemetery 6/4/22

Green Lady Cemetery 6/3/22

Madecipha the ghost rapper Southington Road Cemetery 5/30/22

Madecipha the Ghost Rapper Riverside Cemetery 5/30/22

Old Derby Burial Ground 5-26-22

Gunntown Cemetery (solo) 05/25/22

Holy Land (waterbury CT) 1/11/22

Northeast Burying Ground, Wolcott CT 1/4/22

CT Valley Hospital Cemetery 12-25-21

Ninevah Falls 12/23/21

Milford Cemetery 12/22/21

Civil War Cemetery in the woods 12/21/21

Madecipha the ghost rapper Fort Nathan Hale 12/20/21

Madecipha the Ghost Rapper East Haven Jewish Cemetery 12-19-2021

Cemetery in the woods 12-17-21

Phasm Cam test- underground tunnels

Norwich Asylum June 2020

Green Lady Cemetery May 29 2020

Bara-Hack 12-28-19

Cemetery in the woods of Winchester CT

Southing Rd Cemetery

Remington Arms tower building 10/6

Madecipha the ghost rapper evp session @ Clinton town hall/opera house

Madecipha the Ghost Rapper interview at Abigail's Restaurant- Simsbury, CT, summer 2017

Hookmans Cemetery 5-18-19

Cemetery in the Woods (3rd Trip) 05/04/19

Madecipha the Ghost Rapper at CT HorrorFest 2018

17th Bara-Hack Trip 7-8-18

Fort Nathan Hale

Grave Rubbing Tutorial

Erector Square - A.C. Gilbert's Office

Numbers Cemetery - Lizzie Borden's Grave

2013 Cemetery Stroll with Madecipha and Lisa Moon

Freeze tells about the melon heads and Dracula Drive 12/24/17

The Burlington Torrie Prison 12/19/17

Madecipha Ghost Hunting - Halloween 2013 - Part 2

Madecipha Ghost Hunting - Halloween 2013 - Part 1

Junea Cemetery - 9/15/17 Washington CT?

Headquarters Cemetery - 9/14/17

Grow Cemetery - 9/12/17 Elliot CT

Bruce Cemetery - 9/12/17 Pomfret CT

Bates Cemetery - 9/12/17 Thompson CT

Ghosthunting in Gunntown

Ghosthunting in Kent, CT

The Fox on Cemetery Road

Bara Hack 15th Trip 8/7/17

Interview at Oak Cliff Cemetery 7/27/2017

Legend of XYZ Grave in Deep River

Ghost Hunting at the Bethany Gun Club